Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather includes any kind of extreme weather, usually snow or ice, which creates hazardous driving conditions or significantly impair normal operations at the University of Arkansas. This also includes severe thunderstorm activity, tornadoes, flooding or other natural perils.

The university continues certain operations during periods of inclement weather due to the needs of students, the requirements of ongoing research activities, and other factors.

Please read the policy on inclement weather and the weather emergency procedure, which clearly define how such events impact the campus community.

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Class Cancellation

  • All classes are cancelled when the university is closed.
  • Classes scheduled after cancellation will not be held.
  • Instructors may cancel a class when the university is not closed by informing students by written notice before class time.
  • Instructors should provide the students a chance to make up work without penalty if weather conditions prevent a student from safely attending class.