Emergency Communications


RazALERT (pronounced raise-alert) is the primary emergency notification system for students, faculty and staff at the University of Arkansas. RazALERT messages are sent any time there is a threat to campus safety.

RazALERT emergency messages are sent automatically to all campus phones and email addresses. Phone and text messages are also sent to personal phones if students, faculty or staff members sign up to receive them.

Inclement Weather notifications are the most common messages sent through the RazALERT system. These are sent when snow, ice or heavy rain force the university to cancel or postpone classes and close or delay business operations. Students, faculty and staff have to sign into the system to receive Inclement Weather notices.

Students can sign up for messages through their UAConnect account. Faculty and staff can sign up and provide their information and permission through their Workday accounts.  

RAVE Guardian

RAVE Guardian is a free phone app that turns a cell phone into a personal safety device.

RAVE Guardian can be used in three basic ways:

  • Send your own emergency message. The Guardian app adds a “panic button” to your phone. If you are in danger a single touch will send an emergency message, along with your GPS location to the nearest 911 center. You don’t have to say a word.
  • Set up a personal network of guardians. These can be friends, family, your roommates, even the UAPD. If you’re facing a long walk at night, for example, the Guardian app lets you set a safety timer for your network: if you don’t arrive safely and deactivate the timer, your profile message will go out to your network, immediately, so they can find you and make sure you’re all right.
  • Become a guardian yourself. If you see something suspicious the Guardian app lets you send a quick, anonymous text message — with pictures — directly to University Police.