Heightened Awareness Guidelines

Being asked to have a "heightened state of awareness" should not induce fear or panic. People should go about their normal business while paying particular attention their surroundings. Below are some basic guidelines that citizens need to consider in their daily lives. Notify the University police at 575-2222 or 9-1-1 for any of the following reasons:

Suspicious Behavior/Circumstances

  • individual(s) in buildings who do not appear to be conducting any legitimate business
  • unauthorized individual(s) in restricted or controlled areas
  • individual(s) with no apparent need who request sensitive information
  • individual(s) wearing bulky clothing not consistent with weather (i.e. coat in summer)
  • abandoned packages or similarly unusual items in high traffic areas
  • individual(s) attempting to access utility control locations (water, electrical, IS, phone)
  • individual(s) lingering for extended periods of time with no apparent purpose

Be Alert To

  • abandoned vehicle
  • unattended vehicle near buildings or high traffic areas
  • unexpected/unfamiliar delivery vehicle (especially vans/trucks)
  • vehicle containing unusual/suspicious material in plain sight
  • vehicle with substance leaking/spilling from inside

Building/Office Security

  • secure doors-do not prop them open and close any found
  • secure accessible windows-do not leave open unless in the room
  • account for all keys-do not leave any unattended or give to unauthorized individual(s); report any lost/stolen ones immediately
  • secure any sensitive documents/material when not in use
  • watch for unfamiliar individual(s) in offices/labs
  • protect access control information (codes, combinations) and devices (cards); change information when appropriate (periodically, after personnel issue) and report any compromised (lost/stolen) information or devices
  • be prepared-study and practice emergency policies/procedures
  • report any tampering with physical security components (doors, windows, alarms)
  • communicate with co-workers about schedules, visitors, deliveries and assets