E-Scooter Safety Quick Facts

General Information

  • Scooters can be ridden anywhere bicycles are allowed, including streets and paved trails.
  • Riding is permitted on most sidewalks, riders must yield to pedestrians and use extra caution at crosswalks and driveways. No riding on sidewalks that abut a building face.
  • Scooter use is prohibited INSIDE of any building.
  • Helmets prevent head injuries and are strongly recommended.
  • Using a cellphone, headphones, earbuds or any similar device that impairs hearing is prohibited while riding a scooter.

Watch Your Speed

  • E-Scooters are programed with maximum speed of 15 MPH and will automatically slow to 6 MPH in designated "slow zones".
  • Map of campus slow zones.

Obey Traffic Laws

  • Scooter users must obey the same traffic laws as drivers.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Yield to vehicle traffic at crosswalks and intersections.
  • Use the bell before passing pedestrians.
  • Use the right lane when in the street and NEVER ride against traffic.

Parking Scooters

  • Park scooters neatly at a Scooter Corrals.
  • Always stand scooters upright when parking.
  • DO NOT park scooters:
    • Blocking sidewalks
    • In handicapped zones
    • In flow of traffic/on street
    • In loading zone
    • On railroad tracks
    • In bus zones
    • On private property
    • In an entryway
    • In a driveway

 More e-scooter safety tips can be found on the Spin scooter app. The full university policy and guidance for e-scooter use and storage on campus can be found on the Transit and Parking website.