Students Sign Up

  1. Log into UAConnect Student Center and scroll down to the Personal Information section.
  2. Click the Other Personal... drop-down menu and select Campus Alerts System RazALERT.
  3. Click the GO button to the right of the drop-down menu to continue on to the RazALERT contact page.

    NOTE:  A warning will pop up if this is the first time you've logged in 90 days:

  4. Click OK to continue to the RazALERT contacts page.
    On the RazALERT page, enter your new emergency contact information, update your current information, or check for mistakes.
  5. Click the Yes button in the SMS Message box to receive text notifications. 
  6. Click the Yes button if you wish to receive inclement weather notifications to receive information about Inclement Weather.

  7. Once you entered the information, click Continue at the bottom to finish.