Faculty and Staff Sign Up

  1. Go to webBASIS.uark.edu and log in using your UARK username and password (the same one as your email address).
  2. In the far left column, click the link to My Personal Data.
  3. In the far left column on the new page, click the link to Addresses, etc.
  4. Please make sure your home and work addresses are correct.
  5. Under Contact Information, enter or update your primary, secondary (if applicable) and work/campus phone numbers.
    • If you would like to receive recorded voice notifications of inclement weather situations, select the Voice checkbox. NOTE: If you do not check Voice on your primary phone number, you will still receive a phone call during an emergency situation, even if you have another option selected.
    • If you would like to receive SMS text message notifications of inclement weather situations, select the Text checkbox. NOTE: This is not a free service. Regular text messaging costs still apply. Check with your cell phone company for more information.
    • If you are hearing impaired and have a teletype phone, please select the TTY checkbox.
    • You may select multiple checkboxes per phone number. Make sure all phone numbers include the area code and full prefix.
  6. Click on the Validate button to ensure that all the information you have entered is in the desired format. If any errors occur, a message with instructions will appear above the invalid area.
  7. Once your information has been validated, click on the Save button. From here, you can check your other information, or if you’re finished, Log Off!